IPAM vs. spreadsheets

The management of the IP address space with a specialized IP address management software provides many benefits compared to a management with spreadsheets.

GestióIP IPAM software offers the the following key advantage over spreadsheets:

  • Advanced search and filter functions
  • A Web-based interface - no special client software required
  • Automatic actualization of the data (DNS, SNMP, ICMP)
  • Support for concurrent users
  • Access control
  • Audit log
  • Statistics
  • Scalability
  • The possibility to associate further information to hosts or networks (comments, VLANs, URLs, ...)
  • Less susceptible for human errors (detects IP address conflict and overlapping networks)
  • Tools to assist the management of the IP address space
  • GestióIP incorporates a tool that can assist to migrate the managed IPv4 address space to IPv6
Because of the clear presentation of the data, GestióIP makes the network more transparent. It offers fast and easy access to information about networks and IP addresses and helps to avoid IP address conflicts and overlapping networks. It facilitates network design and network troubleshooting and enhances so the work of the IT stuff. Because of the access control and audit log it also improves the security of the managed data.

And... the migration to GestióIP IPAM is pretty easy. GestióIP comes with a flexible mechanism to import spreadsheets via Web.

spreadsheet import form

migration from spreadsheet

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