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This time difference calculator permits to determine the time in two cities in different time zones. It also calculates the time difference between two cities.

Introduce or select the cities between you want to calculate the time and choose or introduce the time you want to calculate.

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If your city is not listed in the database try the free Time Zone Converter

Here some background information about time zones:

The world is divided into 24 time zones. These areas depend essentially on the length, but also national borders. If two cities are located in different time zones, different times prevailing there. For example, the time difference between Berlin (UTC +1) and Sydney / Australia (UTC +10) is 9 hours and the time difference between Berlin and Los Angeles / USA (UTC-8) is -9 hours. If it is 12:00 pm in Berlin, in Los Angeles it is 3:00 am and in Sydney 09:00 pm.